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“Like a magpie, I am a scavenger of shiny things: fairy tales, dead languages, weird folk beliefs, fascinating religions, and more.”

—   Laini Taylor, Lips Touch: Three Times  (via mirroir)

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This is it! Samhain is near and I have 200 followers (what?!! Oo)

So, I decided to organize a little give away. It is open to all my follwers. ^^

The prices :

  • 1st price : a tree of life pendant and earrings in the colors of Samhain. The pendant is made of cornelian and garnet, and the earrings of cornelian, obsidian and crow feather.The pendant will come with a chain and the earrings could come with clips.
  • 2nd price : a lace top and a pumpkin under a globe decoration. The top is new, fits small to large (but a small large I think), and has some pearls.
  • 3rd price : a Cesair’s cd. Cesair is a pagan folk group with a lot of celtic tunes. The cd is new too!

The rules :

They are simple :

  • You should be one of my follower to enter (no give away blog, thanks!).
  • Only reblogs count, but you could like the post :P.
  • One reblog, one entry, so be wild, but don’t bother your followers ^^.
  • You have untill november 5th to participate.

So, ready? Go!

O.o!?! The 2nd price is gorgeous!!! Or basically just all of them…But that blouse, and that globe decoration *____*
Will check out Cesair immediately! I actually looked for good celtic music this very morning.

If drinking a perfect tasting cup of herbal tea at the perfect temperature, was a feeling you felt with your eyes, then it would be Art Nouveau.

Its Halloween-month and i am the Grey Lady.
I originally planned on something colorful, harajuku-like, with long yellow plastic necklaces, a pacman ghost, pink quilt jacket and japanese dress (the one i wore yesterday), but then i woke up and my mood was all cozy, and comfy, and grey.

I managed to keep my hair down most of the day, which always annoys me like crazy, but this hairstyle just looks so CUTE and  I cant’ even handle how pretty my hair feels on my head when it’s down after i dyed it!

Arven morningstar necklace from ebay
Self made silver pendants
Thrifted MASAI blouse
Skirt thrifted on Mallorca for 50 cent (no not that 50 Cent haha im’ so funny)
Also thrifted boots…


This cardigan reminds me of Sully from Monsters Inc <3

Skeleton mirror earrings from Monki
Sneakers from Reebok
Everything else is thrifted


A little photo collage from my Mallorca trip. It is really clear that tourism is the biggest source of profit in Mallorca, and there are just tourists all over the place, and many places are adjusted to that. A good example is all the Euro Spar shops where all the beach toys are already inflated.

Despite all that, I also saw a lot of really beautiful places. I have visited cozy little towns in the mountains, spectacular views, beautiful beaches, a hugenormeous enchantingly mysterious stalactite cave, and a watchtower and an abandoned building with peculiar graffiti on a mountaintop in a cloud. 

I am home from Mallorca!

It was a really nice trip, more about that to come. Home to now 500 followers, thats’ nice :D

I’ll be on the plane in under an hour!

My GLOB, I am so exited, it has been so long since i travelled this way. See ya followers and see ya Danmark! :D

Morning jazzzzz ♥

I am going to Mallorca in my autumn vacation next week, and I am so exited!!! Does anyone have suggestions for good places to go?

I love my hair this way! And two people told me I reminded them of Star Wars yesterday…so yesterday was a good day.

Shirt and stockings form MONKI
Dress from H&M
Thrifted boots
Thriftet cardigan from Bitte Kai Rand

milsemelk said: You listen to Gogol Bordello? That's awesome I never met anyone who likes them before :D You're blog is very nice btw :)


Oh hell yes, I do!!! I love everything about them, from their energetic party feel to Eugene Hutz’ moustache and intonation and the diverse combination of bandmembers.  And thanks a lot!!! ;D Your blog is really nice too

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