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Rediscovered this really awesome hoodie. It is made by my good friend (hazelnutfilling)s mum. Sadly her brand “Mina” don’t exist any more, but still credits for her!

Summer thrift shopping, part 3
Accessories n’stuff

Summer thrift shopping, part 2
Skirts and dresses

Summer thrift shopping, part 1

I always feel like I have won some kind of battle over my hair when I succed in putting it up in a highly functionate towel-turban.

(I always feel a little weird when posting selfies. That’s why im’ all purple)

I am home with autumn flu. Watched the rest of the Firefly episodes + Serinity from dvd yesterday. I want to watch The Legend of Korra, Adventure Time and Game of Thrones now online, but I forgot the charger for my laptop at school, so I end up watching a documentary about arthropods instead. Yay. Great….

School time means doodle time

Fooling around with elf stuff trying to ignore the fact that I will never be tall enough to look like a proper elf (im’ 5,2 feet/158 cm)

I need prosthetic pointy ears so bad…

So, I finally got myself together and changed the broken light bulb in my room after three days of daaaaarknes (ok, not completely darkness, I do have a table lamp).Found an old light bulb, that turns out to have this weird kind of a yellowish light, so now my hole room turned into “sepia filter mode”. Don’t know if this is cozy or annoying…

OH and also: Apparently i got more than 30 new followers over the last week which feels kind of extreme. That means that i now have over 320 followers! \(^o^)/ Thank you! You guys are awesome!


This is about how much fun you can have with inspiration from a Google Hangouts symbol. I am pretty fascinated by the circle and it’s possibilities currently. I also thought that it was cool how few shapes you have to use to make an impression of a human form (as in the biggest circle).

Here: have some Draft stuff… 

The necklace is made by my sister, Julie, from a tattoo idea i once wanted.
All clothing is thrifted.

I took these really nice ”notes” at school today at a really really useless lecture we had.

I have this really annoying habit drawing in italic (yes you read that right) which means that all my circles are crooked (and heads and other stuff too sometimes) if I don’t pay enough attention. I don’t know what to do about it, it really really annoys me. GRRR!!! #¤%&/=?*!!!!

lafemmeabsurde said: oh my gosh! Thank you for following me too! It made my day! And I love your inspiration blog, I had to follow it as well~~ Your dog is adorable(/*3*)/ What breed(s)? He looks like my Sir Odysseus who is a Maltese/Pomeranian mix <3<3

He is a Bichon Havanais :) Just googled Maltese/Pomeranian mix, and OMG, they are like fuzzy little fluff balls *o* Its like what my dog would look like in a teeny tiny cartoon version! <3
Btw. Sir Odysseus is an awesome name!!! :D My dog is named Ludvig, after the fuzzy litle mole in the movie “The Pinchcliffe Grand Prix”. Or actually his full name is Ludvig VI Larsen. So, also, “VI” is a spinn off of the french sun king Ludvig XIV and other king titles, and Larsen is the last name of my family, so he is the 6. member.

Sorry that it took me so long to answer you. I’ve been pretty occupied with my new school and following tiredness the last week. 


I hate it when I get inspired to art

and then I art

and the art says no

(via siriusc)