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A great opportunity!

I just fond out that The Royal Danish Theater seek 20 young people with different skills for a new lanced project about performing arts, entrepreneurship and project management, called The Theater Pilots. This is a great opportunity for me to keep my creativity and drive boiling and do some career/education related stuff while i take my Higher Preparatory Examination (where i start when the summer vacation is over). This is everything i could ever wish for right now. SO PERFECT!
I will write my application tonight! I really hope one of these 20 people is gonna be me. Wish me luck!

Would somebody please buy me all of these, thanks?

Link to ebay shop if anybody feels like tossing around money, more than me:

I did something crazy today!

Btw. Did you know that bungyjumping gives you bloodshots around the eyes?

A portrait I made at the Pirate LARP, of a guy named Glenn, in his role as Darryl the Smuggler King.

Im’ back from Pirate LARP. I really had a great time!

I played a scribe, artist, seamstress (that was where my game name: Iris Van Herpen, came from), and illegitimate child from the lower dutch nobility. It was a great role, and it let me be much more independent than my market entertainer role, where i am usually with a group. People got notice of me really quick, and i got lots of jobs that got me into lots of plots.

Aaand that’s not tea in that cup…


On my way to pirate LARP. See ya!

A little summer dolly kei outfit from going to the cinema yesterday.

Monty Python are still the best!!

The Monty Python Live - Mostly Show streaming tonight was amazing! One of my best cinema expirences so far. At last they asked everybody watching, to sing along to “the Bright Side of Life”. Knowing that thousands and thousands of people all over the world were singing along, is a quite comforting thought.

I was at a beach party with some LARP people the other day, and somebody had a marker. Since there was plenty of bare legs i got to do some nice little drawings on people.

The Time is Sometimes Blitz is OK
An outfit from Sweden 2
An outfit from Sweden 1
Helena is a Disney princess. No doubt.
Photo from my trip to Sweden.

Just came home from Sweden a day ago, soon I’ll be on the road again, on my way to a (almost historical accurate) pirate LARP, so I will be gone again for a while. But before i disappear into the land of adventure, rum and gasping of summerheat and tight corsets, I gotta go to the cinema with my dad to watch a live transmission of the Monty Python Live (mostly) Show. I am a big fan of them, so its’ gonna be FUN MUCH YESYESSSS!!!

Bloomer cuteness: ACTIVATE!

Why I have been away for so long

I have been really busy until school was over and my holiday started three weeks ago. And since then, i have just been really really busy doing nothing at all (and working at the library). I spend most of a week in bed, glaring into the empty space, trying to understand that I am done with the Textile School and conciderating if I should go to the Roskilde Festival or not. That didn’t really bring me anywhere so i just stayed home, taking a mental break and acting kind of paralyzed for a week or two.

The final fashion show and all the exhibithions at school went so great. It is so sad that my year there is over. I have had a really great time with some lovely people and great teachers, and I have learned more about what i love to do than I could ever imagine. I will show you more from the show and the last projects when i come home.

Right now, I am in Sweden with some friends. It is really nice up here. There isn’t really much to do, the garden is full of wild rasberries and when I think I can hear the cars driving by out on the road, it is in fact the sound of the river streaming in the backyard.

I only have wi-fi for a very short time everyday here so i want post much from here either. I wish you all a good time, I will see you guys soon ^^