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Student from Denmark, dreaming away and dressing up strangely. Tiny hobbit person. Hufflepuffer. This is my art/creativestuff/outfit/personal blog. Check out my pretty pictures/inspirationblog too on:

totonova said: Who says Faefolk can't be short!? Lol

Tolkien, fanart and LARP opinions in general. Tall elves have become the faefolk stereotype so I mostly forget that faefolk are allowed to be short :) Thanks

Anonymous said: You are my inspiration! Love ya

Whoa :D Thanks!!! So nice to see that people can still be sweet on anon!!

violist-swag said: I need you to take me shopping. I love your style so much <3

Thanks a lot! ‘(^-^)’  I just cant’ stick to one single style. If you love my style in general, you must like the whole package, so that is truly a big compliment!!! <3

A little exercise from art class about using cold and warm colours.
A cold yellow lemon on a warm blue backroundA warm yellow lemon on a cold blue background
Don&#8217;t really think the &#8220;warm blue&#8221; turned out warm though&#8230;

Firytale queen

Rediscovered this ancient H&M dress, but sadly I also discovered how small it is, so I am not going to use it. So sad to sell it now that i know its’ possibilities :(

90’s surfer warrior princess from the Pacific Ocean 

Playing around with the abilities of layering the same pieces of clothes in mori

2 skits, 1 blouse, 3 cardigans, leg warmers and a tassel 

Little Demon Birds
A drawing for my cousins unborn child

More summer vintage draft stuff

High Street summer shopping

Did a couple of drawings on peoples hands on the intro trip, with my new school.

Fire Night
Forest Architecture

A terribly cough has had me in it’s grip for more than a week now, and it makes me crazy. Any ideas how to get rid of it?