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A day of sleepwear 
"Where Do You Feel Forgiveness?"
After and before forgiveness.Artwork/survey from my current project about family.Working with the parable of the prodigal son with a perspective of forgiveness.

The last couple of weeks

Everything has been kind of fatiguing lately so there haven’t been much energy for posting stuff. It all have something to do with my education, which is kind of a long story. Short version: I got the answer to my exemption application for the Royal Danish School of Design. It was a “no”, which means that i cannot attend the entrance examination. I have already started on the assignment, and there is really no point in finishing it since i cant submit it. I got the final answer today, and it affected me a bit more than expected. I just curled up in my sofa and read the other half of a novel that i have tried to finish for ages, just to clear my head. So i kinda have been taking a day of, and not really produced anything for the assignment, just going to work on the library, and then staying home, eating candy, reading and watching Downton Abbey and some stupid chick flick they sent on TV. Oh, and I have been listening to “Marvelous Mosell” (my latest music obsession) to replace this strange numb/confused feeling with cheerful ~.~✮✲♬♪✯FUNKYNESSSS!✮♬♪✲✯~.~

I am going to take it as an experience, and finish the application anyway. So when I am done there will probably be stuff to show you :)

Oh and we also did some impulsive character design…lol

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My parents are currently on a vacation i Germany so i thought inviting myself for dinner at Mox’s place would be quite appropriate XD (no cooking for me). I’m always having a great time there and his room is one of my favorite places in the world. 

I kinda felt like someone from Slytherin even i forgot to wear my snake ring. Somehow feeling like betraying my house O.o sorry, Huffelpuff but I just really really love green. (oh and sorry for the weird skirt picture. I had to do some crappy editing to get the color right)

Shirt, sweater and skirt: H&M
Necklace: Own design 
Ring: Monki

Uhm, velvet stripes 

Most of the days this week my mood has been as black as you people always describe the coffee you drink, so I’ve been wearing colors and lazy sweaters.  

Pants and light blues are seriously underestimated  in mori kei.

Mori pirate

Colorful mori

Another picture of this outfit (on hanger) here:

lemonovsky asked: can i ask where you found your circus jacket? I'm looking for one so bad :(

Ofc :) I got it from H&M. Must be like 5 or 6 years ago. But if you’re lucky you can maybe find it second hand somewhere on the internet :) Something similar should be quite easy to find out there.
It was also available in black and navy. Good luck searching! 

A little dolly kei. This dress i PERFECTOMGILOVEITSOMUCH!

Btw. I have a whole bunch of outfit pics that I haven’t posted because I have been kinda mentally overloaded lately. Because of reasons…more about that tomorrow. Maybe.


By not shaving my legs I am one step closer to being a hot faun creature, so who’s the real winner here??


(via artseed-wonderworld)

I want to draw something really evil and ugly!