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Student from Denmark, dreaming away and dressing up strangely. Tiny hobbit person. Hufflepuffer. This is my art/creativestuff/outfit/personal blog. Check out my pretty pictures/inspirationblog too on:

elfmagick said: Where did you get that lovely antler necklace in your purple outfit?? You are so enchanting. You have very good style.

Thank you so much!!! Having the word “enchanted” attached to me is truly an honor! I made the pendant myself ;) it is a silver sand-cast from a small branch.

More than 400 followers now! Yay!! Thanks to every one of ya :)

Wrap dress, open and closed

My friend just compared me with Janis Joplin. Not a bad thing I guess…

Some dark mori draft stuff

Talked with my cousins 6 and 8 years old daughters about the meaning of the yin yang symbol at a family party some trime ago, and i drew them these.

What i do at family parties


So, the stockings were on sale at my local supermarket, and since they are almost the only kind of pants I wear and I wear them out faster than !@#&/!!!, I just bought fourteen pairs so that I have a whole stock of them for the next one and a half year….

Hair game strong today

Hair game strong today

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - We No Who U R


"We No Who U R" - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Current music obsession

totonova said: Who says Faefolk can't be short!? Lol

Tolkien, fanart and LARP opinions in general. Tall elves have become the faefolk stereotype so I mostly forget that faefolk are allowed to be short :) Thanks

Anonymous said: You are my inspiration! Love ya

Whoa :D Thanks!!! So nice to see that people can still be sweet on anon!!

violist-swag said: I need you to take me shopping. I love your style so much <3

Thanks a lot! ‘(^-^)’  I just cant’ stick to one single style. If you love my style in general, you must like the whole package, so that is truly a big compliment!!! <3

A little exercise from art class about using cold and warm colours.
A cold yellow lemon on a warm blue backroundA warm yellow lemon on a cold blue background
Don&#8217;t really think the &#8220;warm blue&#8221; turned out warm though&#8230;

Firytale queen

Rediscovered this ancient H&M dress, but sadly I also discovered how small it is, so I am not going to use it. So sad to sell it now that i know its’ possibilities :(