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Danish design student, dreaming away and dressing up strangely. Tiny hobbit person. Hufflepuffer. This is my art/creativestuff/outfit/personal blog. Check out my pretty pictures/inspirationblog too on:


This comic is a visual masterpiece! I highly reccomend it :)

Eating the years first koldskål (Google it) at 00:25 am

Been working on that entrance examination assignment that i actually don’t have to deliver, all day. Just came home. Can’t wait to get this job done so i have time to see my friends and family again!

Photo collage, selfportrait
New pants. I kinda feel like a clown in them. A FUNKY ONE!
Outside there was a strong smell of night, inside she carried all moons
Outfit photo collage
Sheet of collected character design sketches from my current project: Family: The Prodigal Son

harbinflarbinscarbindar asked: The antler/branchy one

Thanks a lot again! It is my own design, made with sand casting by a real branch i found, so it is a real lifelike copy. I am really happy with the result, it is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry :D

Im’ like O.O


My last post just got 34 notes in less than half an hour…

Aaaand now its 123…

pink skin

My lifetime collected drawing skills, would you mind helping me here?! That would come in handy, please…

harbinflarbinscarbindar asked: I love your necklace with a fiery passion!!!!!!!

Thank you! :D Which one?

Where i live, there is always mess
Photos of my main room. I think it tells a lot about me :)

Im’ like O.O

My last post just got 34 notes in less than half an hour…

A day of sleepwear